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Wind Energy Insurance – 500kw turbines and above


Jelf Clark Thomson offer access to some of the world’s leading renewable energy insurers.
We have specific industry knowledge and a proven track record in providing insurance solutions for wind turbine developers.


Over recent years, Jelf Clark Thomson have gained expertise in developing and providing insurance products to meet the specific needs of the renewable energy sector.


The comprehensive and seamless insurance package we have developed for wind energy developers covers a range of financial, project and operational risks. The key elements of these policies are outlined below:

All turbine components can be covered during transit (marine, air freight, road haulage) from any supplier, for any accidental loss or damage.

Financial loss caused by an insured peril during the transit phase of the project.

All Risk cover including electrical and mechanical breakdown during construction. Cover is also available for construction plant, cranes and machinery.

Financial loss caused by an insured peril during the construction phase of the project.

All Risk cover is offered for the turbine once in operation, including electrical and mechanical breakdown.

Financial loss caused by an insured peril during the operational phase of the project.

We can provide liability cover for all project stages, tailored to fit the individual project being undertaken.


Jelf Clark Thomson have settled numerous claims over the last few years. Insurers have paid out for incidents such as mechanical breakdowns, lightning strikes, storm damage and damage to Communication systems.

We provide clients with the opportunity to employ specialist claims consultants to assist in utilising the full potential of their claim. The benefit of this facility has been evidenced during a number of recent claims.


Jelf Clark Thomson have been at the forefront of insuring small to medium sized wind turbines throughout the UK for several years.

Hundreds of turbines are insured by Jelf Clark Thomson across the country. (Cornwall to Shetland)

The Operational All Risks policy will provide comprehensive cover on your turbine, including mechanical and electrical breakdown insurance. Loss of revenue cover is also available.

Jelf Clark Thomson operate a Delegated Binding Authority scheme which means that quotes and cover can be provided quickly.

Jelf Clark Thomson have access a Third Party Liability scheme underwritten by one of the UK’s leading insurers.

Jelf Clark Thomson are highly experienced in the settlement of claims, with dozens of claims settled every year. These have ranged from total losses to minor repairs and the subsequent loss of income.


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