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Employers Liability Insurance

Employers liability insurance is a compulsory insurance required by law and covers the cost and compensation for your employees in the event that they are injured or suffer a work related illness arising out of their employment with you.  

Each day without cover brings fines of up to £2,500 

Employers Liability Insurance explained

Do I need Employers Liability Insurance? 

 If you employ one or more person including volunteer’s part time workers and temporary staff including work experience/students and if:

  • You deduct national insurance contributions and income tax from the money you pay them
  • You supply most or all of the equipment and materials
  • You control where and when they work and how they work
  • You require only that person to deliver the service and they cannot employ a substitute if they are unable to work.

Who is exempt from Employers Liability Insurance? 

You may be exempt from Employers Liability Insurance if your company:

  •  Has no employees for example single sole traders.
  • Is a Limited company with only 1 director who owns more than 50% of the company.
  • Is a Partnerships where you are equal partners in the business and do not employ anyone else.
  • Companies where the only employee is a direct family member.
  • The person does not work exclusively for you i.e. are an independent contractor

How can Businessinsure by Jelf Clark Thomson help me?

We pride ourselves on delivering an individual and personalised service so whatever your trade our team will have a solution for you.

As the largest community insurance brokers in the country we are likely to have some of our dedicated staff nearby, alternatively call 0330 055 3444 or request a call back and let us do the hard work to make it easy for you.

Examples of what we can cover:

  • Tradesmen
  • Events
  • Beauticians
  • Working from home
  • Land owners
  • Self-employed
  • Market traders
  • Hairdressers
  • Hobby enthusiasts
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